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Gaps diet- What do you feed your child?

“So, what can you eat?  How are you getting enough calories?”  The two questions I hear most often when I tell others I’ve got my family on the GAPS diet and that means they can’t eat any grains, starch, sugar, most dairy, most beans, and limited fruit (for now).  Well I am cooking like a… Continue reading Gaps diet- What do you feed your child?

GAPS diet · Motherhood · Sensory Processing Disorders

I’m a believer!!! (in the GAPS diet)

(note this was written before knowing we both had Lyme disease) We are just completing our second week on the GAPS diet.  I am feeling so excited about what we are experiencing that I just have to write more about this diet and how it can truly help kids with sensory processing disorders.  Our little… Continue reading I’m a believer!!! (in the GAPS diet)

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GAPS diet meal plan week 1 and 2.

Well here’s a quick summary of what we ate the past 2 weeks.  I’m not going to be super specific but if anyone is interested just let me know.  Also we moved through the intro diet quickly, 1-2 days on each stage since we don’t have major issues.  Maybe I’ll repeat the intro diet in… Continue reading GAPS diet meal plan week 1 and 2.

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GAPS diet summary after week 1 introduction

The GAPS diet is not for the weak or the weary.  However most of us who go on the diet are feeling weak and weary.  That is the dilemma.  There is so much cooking, planning and prep work involved that it is almost impossible to not get totally exhausted doing this.  However it has been… Continue reading GAPS diet summary after week 1 introduction

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Eliah- My Fire-Blazing Princess

Eliah’s spirited smile (This post is an excerpt from my “spirit kiddos page”) I love my kids and my husband.  I love that they all have incredible zest for life, especially our two-year old Eliah (Elli).   She was born with a fiery spirit that truly was a force to be reckoned with.  She also has… Continue reading Eliah- My Fire-Blazing Princess

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…For tomorrow will care for itself…

It’s been an interesting few months for our family.  We’ve had several health challenges, some of which have been fairly serious but seem to be resolving.  We have also gone through many sleepless nights with a very colicky, refluxy infant and also have dealt with the stress of some post-partum issues.  Most recently my husband… Continue reading …For tomorrow will care for itself…