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Making Resolutions? You might miss out on the Ride

It’s that time of year again.  Everyone is gathering their courage and resolve to make “that” big change this next year.  At the same time there’s often simultaneous reflection on the regrets of lost opportunity, and failed attempts of change in the past year.  This focus on inadequacy personally or lack-of situationally is often the spring board of emotional resolve and motivation to “make” yourself change or “make” desired goals happen.  Is this really the best way to create change?  Is this approach bringing into your inner being the energy and creative power that’s capable of creating lasting transformation?  Will your desire to change override old habits or outsmart the ego’s sabotaging schemes?  As a health practicioner I have noticed lasting change rarely happens when the motivations are derived from self disgust, frustration, and fear.

Well what’s the key to lasting change then?  There’s a million opinions on that and some interesting books you can read to try figure out the secret.  My “ah-ha” moment while pondering this question came to me recently during my morning yoga practice.  And the phrase “BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT IS, AND BE HOPEFUL FOR WHAT IS COMING” came to me clearly.  I thought about it for awhile and realized one ironic key to change often is preceded by accepting the flow of life we are currently in, embracing it, and even being grateful for it.  This attention on finding love for our life as it is has a magical ability to also bring hope for our future and a deep trust starts to form within us.  A trust that life is flowing into us and thru us exactly what we need. When we are willing to ride with that flow, we can then form a partnership with the Divine.  I believe that God has many blessings and experiences waiting for us, when we are willing to be open to His hopes and resolutions for our lives.  When we get  so focused on our own goals, we often push aside the miracle for the tangible.


It’s very difficult to create what we want, or achieve that desired change when our motivation is being fueled by what we don’t want.  We also cannot co-create with God (which is always a better plan in the end) while we are intently focused solely on our methods and plans.  I do think it is a good thing to have clear goals and to ask the divine for help.  I also think that when we try to “make” those goals happen with the methods we have come up with, we often miss out on creative opportunities for transformation that make for a more entertaining journey.

Last year a dear friend tried to teach me this idea of accepting what is happening to me completely and even choosing the circumstances I was in.  And as much as I thought that was a good idea, I was entrenched in a very difficult medical and family situation.  It was my “dark night of the soul” phase that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  At the time I couldn’t embrace this idea completely, mostly because I allowed my focus on fear and anxiety perceived by my ego, putting my spirit that operates on hope and truth in the backseat.  I tried to make my own goals or resolutions that I thought were most pressing and devise my own methods of change.  However, I did start planting the seeds of the radical approach of accepting “what is” by experimenting with these ideas of gratitude for the situation I didn’t want to be in, and in belief that the solution would come to me rather than me being hypervigiliant and driven to find my way out.  Now, a year later, the seeds have grown, it is much easier to flow with life, and miracles have started to replace the tangibles on my path.  And I really am enjoying my “ride” with the Divine more than ever, although I don’t know exactly when or how my healing the challenging chronic illness I’m experiencing will be completed or a how the myriad of other pressing situations will resolve.  The ride has become interesting, surprising, delightful, and most intriguing.  Honestly, I’d take this suspense of flowing with life over my previous dread, anxiety, fear, and false control any day.

I encourage replacing esolutions with the revelation that life is being watched over and guided.  And let that truth bring both gratitude and hope that we have a Divine Creator who guides and helps us create the changes we desire.  If making resolutions, then focus resolutions on divine qualities of character to cultivate, rather than specific situations desired.  As we develop divine characteristics of charity, kindness, patience, and love we transform our situations, our health, and our lives into the grand masterpiece that our God desires for our lives.

In closing I’d like to mark the new year with a few of the things I’m most grateful for now:

  1. I’m grateful I’m realizing more of the divine aspects of who I really am that exist even when I’ve made poor choices in behavior or thinking
  2. I’m grateful I have a family who loves me and forgives me often
  3. I’m grateful I live in a beautiful country with opportunity to share the light and knowledge my life experience is teaching me
  4. I’m grateful my body is healing on it’s own, and in it’s own unique way from Chronic Lyme Disease and related co-infections
  5. I am grateful I’m actually able to feel grateful right now

And my hope for the upcoming year…that I can BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT IS, AND BE HOPEFUL FOR WHAT IS COMING

I hope to continue to self-realize my divine nature, see beyond the limited awareness of my ego, and allow this higher-self awareness to cultivate healing in all aspects of life as well as be able to bestow the greatest blessing I could pass along to my children and friends- to know Who and What I really Am.

(warning! side effects of “going with God’s” flow may include the experience of miracles,  take appropriate precautions)


Happy New Year!


The Baxter Family

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4 thoughts on “Making Resolutions? You might miss out on the Ride

  1. Happy New Year!! Thank you for sharing your insights along your journey – intriguing and insightful. I hope you and your sweet family have been enjoying a wonderful Christmas Season together. Love you – Shellie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment Shellie! Life is becoming a very interesting journey as I see beyond the fear and let myself realize the grand discoveries in the process of healing. Hope you are well. We miss your family!


  2. Cathleen, you’ve gifted us with another amazing post. I continue to marvel at how much we have in common and how your post is meeting me right where I am. This really spoke to me and I’m going to reflect on it some more.

    Someone told me you moved away from Portland. Are your email and cell # still the same? Take good care and please keep sharing your journey with us as your posts are true blessings.


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