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GAPS diet hiccups- GENETICS???!!!!

Are the healthy high sulfur foods doing more harm than good? You may have a genetic glitch that slows your ability to detoxify efficiently



Obviously it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on this diet.  I’ve tried to drag myself to do it, but I just can’t write when I feel frazzled, stressed and uncertain about a topic.  Thankfully time and good doctors have come to my aid to help me navigate some challenges we were having.  Things got a little crazy in my house for a bit but we have a plan and I thought I’d share that with all those who care about how this diet has helped my family.

First of all, as I’ve stated earlier, I just want to repeat that this diet has done miracles for our daughter Eliah.  However, there are some bumps that we are teasing out.  And then with me, welI, I think the diet was my blessing and curse.  It has shown me a genetic weakness that has been an underlying issue but it almost took me down as I discovered it.  So comes the next stage of learning about healing and rebuilding the gut- the importance of the body’s ability to undergo METHYLATION. (read a little more on my home page category under MTHFR)

What exactly is methylation?  I’m still learning about it but basically it’s how the body takes the food we eat and at a DNA level, the body decides how it transforms the food into enzymes the body and it’s cells can immediately use.  For some of us lucky humans, we have a genetic glitch known as MTHFR.  This “glitch” does not always express itself.  Often it takes some sort of trauma to create the perfect storm to cause the expression of this gene.  It’s a very complicated and confusing area in the study of epigenetics as to how this happens.  For me, I know at least one contribution to this gene expression was the physical and emotional trauma I went through after a severe parasite infection in 2003.  I think several other incidents in my life were other contributers that caused stress and physical exhaustion that also affected my body’s ability to methylate nutrients properly.  Pregnancy was definitely another contributing factor.  I’ll write a post later about how these things affect the MTHFR gene, but for now I just want to point out the expression of this gene mutation often has a multifactoral cause that usually takes time to manifest into the issues causes some medical concern.

So what does the MTHFR gene have to do with our body’s ability to methylate?  Well a quick summary is “Basically an MTHFR gene mutation(s) thwarts the activation or conversion process in the folic acid metabolic pathway.  Folic acid normally goes through 4 different conversion steps before it can actually become ‘active Methylfolate’, L-MTHF (or 5-MTHF) and be used by the body’s cells.  And the MTHFR gene defect is responsible for hindering this process between steps 3 and 4.  It can’t properly convert 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate into L-Methylfolate.  Instead, a person with an MTHFR gene defect has a mutated version of the MTHFR enzyme in their body that causes a lot of health problems.” (

Yes that’s complicated.  Basically your body gets deprived of some very important nutrients- B12, B6, usable folic acid to name a few.  This lack of nutrient on a cellular level impairs a tremendous number of pathways that help the body to be able to heal, get rid of toxins, have proper immune system responses, have proper nutrient absorption, neurotransmitter function, etc.  You can read a ton about this at  It’s a relatively new area of science that is really catching wave as many people, like me and my daughter, have chronic gut issues that have difficulties being resolved even with the healthiest of diets.

So how did the GAPS diet tear me down you might wonder?  Well, it’s an incredibly intense detoxification diet.  It is full of sulfur rich foods that aid in heavy metal chelation, yeast/fungus killing, bad bacteria rebalancing, etc.  If you have this genetic mutation your body has a really hard time getting rid of toxic substances without proper help and the GAPS diet mobilizes and releases many toxic substances into your system to be excreted.  The problem is, with this mutation, you have difficulty getting rid of the toxins.  It’s like having a clogged drain.  This is why after 10 years of various treatments I still test positive for bacteria growth, parasites and have an on-going, low-grade, mono viral infection (chronic fatigue symptoms), heavy metal toxicity, sleep issues, stress response issues and poor gut health.   My body literally cannot “drain” the crap out it needs to, and it doesn’t have the nutrients available to give me the energy and neurotransmitters to properly handle stress and exertion.  So on the GAPS diet, my stomach was digesting these foods but my body couldn’t handle the aftermath and I felt horrible- tired, weak, pain in my limbs, dizzy, flu-like.  The first GAPS practitioner I was working with early on in my diet was well meaning, but she lacked the knowledge to recognize that my body was not just adjusting to the diet, but rather the diet needed to be modified to allow for this mutation.  So does my body need the GAPS diet? Not quite yet….I have to get my methylation pathways opened first so my body can dump the bacteria, yeast, metals, toxins that the diet is designed to do.  Even then, the GAPS diet will have to be modified to fit my particular body’s needs.

The other thing I’ve learned about this mutation is that it is very individualized.  It can affect people in numerous ways.  One specific way that it affects me (and I believe Eliah as well) is that I have a decreased ability to tolerate sulfur rich foods, specifically foods high in free-thiol sulfur (I have a homozygous CBS gene mutation as well which explains my sulfa drug allergy and sulfite intolerance).  My new doctor and GAPS practitioner (which are amazing, check out:  Dr. Nigh) put me on a low sulfur version of the GAPS diet for 1 week.  It was amazing!!! The brain fog I had completely went away, I felt a new ability to focus and be emotionally present that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  I knew then that too much sulfur affects how my body and brain function.  The GAPS diet is so high in sulfur that I was drowning in it.  For most people, sulfur rich foods are great. For me, these foods just clog up my system.  Eliah also had much less mood swings, and greatly improved sleep on the low sulfur version of GAPS.  So yes, I’m still doing mostly GAPS but more of a Paleo/Ketogenic diet version with less meat, less sulfur rich veggies, and lots of healthy fats to teach my body to burn energy from fats rather than carbohydrates.  I am also trying small amounts of fermented GF oats on occasions since my sulfur free diet is so limited and it’s also important to keep meat consumption to a minimal with these genetic issues because it can affect ammonia levels with those who are CBS positive like me.

So my big beef with the Paleo Diet and the GAPS diet is that nowhere in these books does the author mention these complicating factors of the diet.  There is nothing about MTHFR or CBS mutations.  The irony is I think many people with this mutation are kind of people who end up looking for a gut healing diet like the GAPS/Paleo diets.  It’s people who “just can’t heal no matter what they try” that are the one’s desperate enough to try this ridiculously hard diet in the first place.  And I won’t go into much detail but autistic spectrum kiddos are one of the prime focus areas of the MTHFR research!  It’s almost always prevalent in these kids.  So the GAPS diet is largely for autism spectrum, and autism is highly linked to MTHFR.  I sure hope people catch on to this coincidence soon and start to provide a diet/treatment plan that dovetails them together.  Well, I will be one of those people.  So stay in touch as I learn and hopefully find my path to healing by starting with my DNA.

As for Eliah, she’s still doing great, but this GAPS diet does affect her sleep and mood and causes bloating like crazy (the low sulfur version decreases her bloating and helps her mood).  However, she has had her autistic spectrum diagnosis removed as she passed her last evaluation with flying colors.  She has also had her hair disorder diagnosis removed (loose anagen syndrome) as her hair is now growing completely normal!!!  The diet has helped her mental function tremendously, but I know she has a mild sulfur issue at the least and possibly has inherited her mama’s MTHFR gene.  We shall soon learn more about her genes too.

(update July 2013)  I now have all my DNA testing back- I am heterozygous for MTHFR A1298C, homozygous CBS 699T (darn it!), homozygous MTRR, heterozygous MAO A, MTHFR3, BHMT 2,4,8.  If anyone is interested in the protocal I’m doing to treat these mutations feel free to ask.  It’s a long road.  Complicated too.  The order of treatment is tricky- balancing gut problems, neurotransmitter imbalances, mineral/vitamin deficiencies and getting the methylation process going, and draining the excess sulfur and ammonia from my body.

I’ve ordered the “23andMe” testing for the rest of my family.  I’ll post those results when we get them.  I appreciate how the Yasco test simplifies the mutations so you can understand the results but am not sure the price was worth it yet.  The other test is much cheaper!

I’m interested in talking with anyone with similar mutations and would love to learn what has helped.

So that’s an overview on our GAPS journey.  It’s much more complicated than this but I’ll spare the details unless you are interested.  I do want to say that I’m so grateful to have found GAPS diet, even though it has been hard.  It has led us to see our true underlying issues and had we not done this diet we would not have found this hidden layer of healing.

If you are at all interested in learning about MTHFR and autistic spectrum issues, check out Amy Yasco’s work.  She’s the pioneer in this field:   and her book: Autism: Pathways to Recovery, The Puzzle of Autism, Genetic Bypass, and the Power of RNA

Also lots of info in general on MTHFR defects at:

Info on high free thiol sulfur foods:

Update 2015- I had no idea at the time of this post that I had chronic Lyme disease.  So who knows how much of my issues with the diet were complicated by Lyme.  And also I don’t feel genetics plays the big role I once felt at the time in illness.  Nevertheless, sulfur intolerance is a huge issue and complicates many gut healing diets.


34 thoughts on “GAPS diet hiccups- GENETICS???!!!!

  1. Amazing once again Cathleen. It is such a blessing to have you share what you are learning. Thank you.


  2. Very interesting. Hope you continue finding healing. I too have been playing with the GAPS diet as part of an attempt to detox and build digestive health.


    1. Hi! Really?? You are doing the crazy GAPS diet too? It is so hard huh. For me the low sulfur Paleo/GAPS diet is brutal. I eat a lot of zuchini, coconut, avocado. I just got my full genetic panel and it explains so much as to why I’ve been susceptible to all these gut aliments. I sure hope you figure out your path. Let me know if you need any help. I’ve done a TON of research on this and secretly have a pseudo degree in naturopathic medicine at this point I think 🙂 Hope you are well, think of you from time to time 😉


  3. Hi Cathleen,
    I’m a GAPS Practitioner and just beginning to educate myself on the havoc that certain gene expressions can create in folks. I’d love to hear more about your personal journey – I, too, feel that GAPS can only take people so far, and have really seen that there is some missing link in so many of the people I work with. They can only get to a certain point and then…something….maybe THIS is the something! Please keep posting updates and letting us know how it’s going for you. And, I’d love to hear exactly what diet you’re eating for your specific needs.


    Victoria LaFont


    1. Hi Victoria- I would love to tell you more. I’m really passionate about GAPS, but also am realizing that there are a few issues that can really cause issues- especially if you can’t tolerate too much sulfur. So I’m doing a low sulfur version: lots of squashes, zucchini as my base for most meals. Adding in various low sulfur veggies and I make a sauce of coconut aminos/coconut oil/ spices usually. Only small amount of meat- usually seafood or beef, liver, or dark chicken meat. With they specific mutation I have it can cause ammonia to build up which is why you have to watch the meat amount. I eat a high fat diet (almost a ketogenic in some ways)- lots of avocado, healthy oils, coconut, olives, ghee as my main fuel source. This took some getting used to. My gallbladder acted up a lot after 3 months of GAPS/high fat but after doing liver/gall cleanse and support I am finally doing great using fats as a prime energy source. I eat some fruits with sprouted nut butter (not peanut though). I avoid all dairy now (bummer), but I make special “treats” like “cheesecake”, coconut cream pie, key lime pie that are all GAPS friendly and low sulfur. I take molybdenum for sulfur support as well.
      The GAPS practitioners I’ve worked with are also realizing this issue with some folks. They are realizing that this diet can really be a problem if you have this mutation and the CBS mutation is more common than people realize. Some things to watch for are patients who just can’t seem to get over the detox phase of GAPS- and that’s exactly the issue! Their body has real problem with detoxing b/c of the lack of enzymes to help these reaction occur and the GAPS diet is flooding their system with chemical that try to speed up detox. It’s like having a clogged drain- so it makes the person feel horrible. However, I did have some improvement in digestion so I know the diet did help my gut. As for my daughter, the diet has really helped but she also has some issues with detox- she’s just not as “clogged” up as me because she’s only 3 and hasn’t had as many years of buildup. So I believe this next step of proper methylation will get her to the next level of healing but helping her re-balance her neurotransmitter issues. That’s another big key- if your patients seem to have unresolving neurotransmitter issues even after being on the diet.
      I’d love to share more if you have more questions.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What timing! We are getting ready to embark on the GAPS diet again. However, having just learned about the MTHFR defect via the Stop the Thyroid Madness group a couple of months ago, my hubby and I just sent our samples off to 23andme to make sure we had our ducks in a row from that angle. I’m so thankful to have come across your article, because now I think we need to get the whole family tested before embarking on GAPS.


    1. That’s so neat that you’ve been led to figure out the “whole” picture with your health. As I wrote I think that many of us who end up being drawn to the GAPS diet are those with MTHFR issues since the problems from the methylation issues are often chronic gut issues/neurotransmitter imbalances and so we are often searching out a diet to address these issues. The GAPS diet has an amazing effect on the gut but the question still remains- “why is my gut not able to rebalance proper gut flora on it’s own? Why don’t I have proper stomach acid to aid digestion? Why do I have neurotransmitter imbalances? Why the medication sensitivities?” All of these questions lead to finding a solution at a DNA level. And that’s where the mthfr defect comes in (and all of the SNP’s like CBS that can also be affected). It’s a complicated and overwhelming journey to pursue- but a good one. It will help you figure out your own “owners manual” of your body so that you can put the proper form of “gasoline” in your body. I will end this response with this piece of advise: I have found that there is one more piece to this puzzle that overrides gut issues, mthfr issues/genetics- and that is HOW you REACT to the stressors/events in your life have the greatest effect on all of this. That is how genetic mutation often starts going bad- we get stressed- it affects our cortisol- which affects the methylation cycle and stomach acid and neurotransmitters, etc. So figure out your gut, figure out your genetics, and most importantly try to figure out what “glitches” you may have in how you react to life that caused these ugly issues to surface. Good luck on your journey! Keep me updated-I’d love to hear what you find out. I’ll keep posting more on my protocal so others can learn how I’m treating my mthfr.


  5. Would love to find a similar practitioner in my area – Atlanta. Thanks for writing this. My dd4 is homozygous for CBS (I am heterozygous) and I suspect the sulphur may be an issue for her. Still waiting on ds3’s results. If you hear of a good practitioner in the SouthEast, let me know!


    1. I wish I could help you with that. I only know of Portland ND’s who are familiar. I know some people use for help. Sulfur is most definitely an issue with most CBS homozygous people unfortunately. I am so sad b/c almost everything I love is a high sulfur item. And eating out is really hard. Everyone cooks everything with garlic and onions. Keep me updated!


  6. Hi Cathleen,
    Wonderful information…it is so helpful and eye opener to see how these effect and the GAPS diet also will have hiccups.. I have my son on the diet for a year and half now and his improvements are very slow…We just got his 23andme results..i would love to discuss them with you and see what I could do to help that little body…What is the best way to contact you….


  7. ok, so my daughter felt so awful on GAPS too (she is 20). We knew she has MTHFR (she has one of each gene mutated) and now have done the 23andme to also find more info like…. issues with sulfur! Ugg. Whereon earth can I find a sulfur free paleo-ish GAPS diet ish food list? laugh! Just beginning to try to figure that all out with these new results.

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    1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I just noticed this comment. Yeah, there’s no food list and honestly I think GAPS is a no go if you are low sulfur. There are just too many nutrients you can’t get without adding some potato or gluten free grains if you are only doing a low sulfur GAPS. I actually tried it for 4 months and I felt so bad- as soon as I went paleo and then slowly added some properly prepared gluten free grains I felt much better. I’m still low sulfur, mostly paleo but do eat some healthy gluten free grains daily. The GAPS practitioners who don’t understand the sulfur issue are really putting some people in harms way by not determining if their poor reaction is purely detox or sulfur over-consumption.


      1. I am in the same boat and desperate! I need the Gap’s diet but due to two MTHFR mutations meat and broth are challenging..can you pleaseeee share what you eat on a typical day?


      2. honestly it is so hard if you have a CBS or sulfur issue to do it. I haven’t been able to do it. Pick your poison- high sulfur/no grains or some grains/less sulfur. I ended up choosing some grains- soaked and less sulfur. As far as protein, i also get high ammonia levels from too much meat and sulfur veggies. I eat a lot of sardines for protein and also do some hemp protein sometimes. I eat meat, but much less. Sometimes I try to eat sprouted lentils or mung beans but not often. There issn’t a lot of help for the sulfur issue as far as specialty diets go. And also the most important thing is to decrease stress b/c it affects your BHMT gene which affect the sulfur metabolism. when you are happy you can handle a little more sulfur.


      3. That makes sense. I am so lost BC I love veggies and fruit but can only do a half cup at a time….and if I do meat its three oz of fish…I have gallbladder issues and reflux all day long…even blended foods. I have done rifaximin and vsl which made things worse. Even more bloated now…I have been Paleo for so long but feel I cannot do high meat fat low veggies. I am a bit grain fearful but what else can I eat…and ironically I gain weight monthly! I am up 20 lbs in 18 months…all belly hips and thighs and cellulite. That makes me sense its detox issues more than food intake as I have heavy metal and blood sugar issues now. I am searching for a Dr to help but I feel I already do what they suggest. What grains do you soak and try? I am going to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse as I have to get some of the sludge out…



  8. So glad I found this post because I have 2 copies of the MTHFR C677T gene and was on GAPS before I was diagnosed. I was so confused because I felt like we were supposed to be on GAPS and saw some major improvements on it, but my energy was always low and then my hair started falling out. Started adding in some grains and starches only to have all my digestive issues come back. Can’t win for losing! 😉

    I’m wondering: would daily coffee enemas and things like oil pulling help clear “the clogged drain” and allow me to continue with GAPS? I am also taking methyl-b12 and methyl folate, now, which I wasn’t doing when I first did GAPS.


    1. Do you have a CBS mutation? A high sulfur diet will also make you feel crummy.
      As for detox, yes enemas and oil pulling help but it takes awhile to unclog the system enough to notice the effects.


      1. I haven’t been tested for CBS. I’m seeing a new dr. next week and will ask him to test for it. My gut tells me I don’t have it, I’m more thinking that the powerful detoxing was the culprit. I guess my next question is: is such powerful detoxing unique to GAPS or is it common on all whole foods diets? Really, I’m pretty much eating only GAPS-approved foods now, but not so much animal protein. Thanks for the info. I’ll be checking your blog on a regular basis now!


  9. I would be surprised if you didn’t have CBS issues with the C677T, often they go hand in hand. But CBS affects everyone differently. I can eat sulfur, just not a ton of it or it throws my body into major detox. You see, sulfur is what makes your body detox. Detoxing is common on most whole food diets becuase of the high sulfur content (greens, herbs, etc). I have some other tricks to help with detox, but I bought an infra red sauna which has done wonders. Pekana drops, charcoal, getting methylation going (slowly is KEY, or you will feel even worse: I started on only hydroxy B12 and a little methyl folate and worked up to methyl B12 over a period of months b/c the detox reactions were so bad).


    1. Huh, weird. Still trying to wrap my mind around all of this. What prompted me to get tested for MTHFR was that I was having symptoms of low B12. My doctor never said anything about taking the B12 and folate slowly so I just jumped in and felt great! All of the numbness and tingling in my limbs, the stiffness in my pelvis, was gone within about 2 weeks. My tests show that my thyroid, adrenals, and liver are sluggish even after a year of working with a naturopath. The only symptoms I have remaining are exercise fatigue and inability to lose weight. I will definitely be looking into CBS. Thanks!!


  10. Hi,
    I am looking for direction and to find out what I believe about what treatment, supplements, diet will work best. I have been diagosed with bipolar disorder since i was a teen and am now trying healthier options. I have one of those mutations, but sure which one. I am going to get that genetic test done, the cheaper one that indentifies more of the problem. I have worked with western medicine, muscle testing practitioners who use supplements and nutrition, and a doctor who specializes in naturopathy. I think the doctor also minimally uses pharmaceuticals and the muscle testing center also offers NET by a lincensed acupuncturist. I also have embraced chiropractic care, massage therapy, and Christian and maintstream counseling. My faith and belief in Jesus as well as my upbringing with the health food industry, since my grandfather opened a health food store, has been an enourmous influencial factor as well. i am overwhelmed with this diagnosis and am trying to find a way out! I want healing and need direction! I believe that not all the emotional problems are soley rooted in the physical. For those of us with traumatic upbringings such as an abuse, alcoholism, divorce to name a few, a gene mutation is not the only problem. It is also an emotional and spiritual journey of healing that no amount of supplements or doctor of naturapathy can cure. We need to also seek the true source of healing–Our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ!


  11. We have very similar snps. I have recently started the low sulfur diet as well as added molybdenum. I would love to hear how you are doing now. We have a fb group called CBS mutations where we share info.


  12. Hi There. I realize this is an older post, but my son who is 14 months has very similar mutations and actually more. I am really concerned and lost. I have been trying to do the gaps diet with him and I know he reacts to sulfur foods through my milk. I would love to chat with you if you have the time….Your website has been extremely helpful. With gratitude….


  13. It was good to read that I’m not the only one struggling and coming up with dead ends! We share a lot of mutations and I was kind of flip flopping back and forth whether I should do the GAPS diet. I’ve already had to restrict so many foods these diets don’t seem to hard anymore haha. I’m going to reduce meat, which is 90% of my diet right now and see if that helps. My husband and two little girls also have MTHFR and my youngest and I have homo CBS as well. It’s been a long road and it just gets longer! Thank you for this post and I will continue to follow. Feel free to email me anytime 🙂


  14. Hi there! Thank you for your post. I too have several of the same genetic mutations and I too found out about them by being on GAPS and things just getting worse (and better in other areas)! I was wondering, can you share your low sulfur GAPS diet in more detail? I’d love to see the changes you made, I’m struggle to figure out how to eat…I am heterozygous for CBS and homozygous for MTHFR and a few other MTRR’s. Thanks for sharing your story and insight.


    1. I’m doing a mix of the low-fodmap diet with the SCD diet and mostly low sulfur and that seems to be the ticket for me. I’ve treated SIBO with antibiotics and now am doing the maintenence diet of SCD low-fodmap. I avoid most high sulfur foods (b/c they are high fodmap anyway) and did a lot of liver and dextoxifcation for a year that seem to allow me to eat sulfur foods every now and then ok. I eat alot of carrots, cucumbers, and squash for my carbs and low sulfur fruits and meat. I spluge on garlic infused olive oil for flavor without getting the garlic. I now eat cheese and duck eggs occasionally for fun. And I eat too much peanut butter as my indulgence. I”m about to start a low-fodmap/SCD snack food line which is low sulfur and I think will help a lot of people in need. I’ll post more about this soon.


  15. Thank you for sharing your journey Cathleen!

    I have a couple questions.
    I have been suffering from Lyme and Mercury Toxicity and after most of my genetic history research, I’m now realizing ‘why’ it’s become chronic for me.

    I am (+/+) for the CBS 699T and (+/-) for MTHR 677T so I’m sure my ammonia and sulfer levels are high. Hopefully that’s the main reason for my brain fog and chronic headaches?

    I have been able to ‘shake’ most of my symptoms (they come and go), but the one thing I cannot get rid of is the headaches and off and on brain fog. I’m now thinking it could be because of the built up ammonia?

    I was on antibiotics for lyme for 9 months (first few months felt great-then symptoms came back). I also went on DMSA for my high levels of mercury and quickly got worse so my Dr and I decided to do the 23andme test and review the results…that’s when I discovered my genetic mutations….

    I am going to start the low sulfer low protein gaps diet (as you describe above)and am hoping for a bit of improvement, but are there any tests you’ve taken to show your levels of ammonia, taurine or sulfer in your blood or body as a baseline? If so what are the specific tests called?

    I understand that you need to treat CBS mutation activation first then MTHR then possibly lyme and mercury (with herbal supplements for me) as my detox pathways are compromised.

    There’s so much out there and just not sure.

    Any help is appreciated as my patience level and hope is beginning to diminish.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi again Tracy, I thought I would direct you to this blog interview about mercury I just read. It’s addressing the issues you are facing and was very informative to me.

      Have you done any more treatment? I have not attempted metal chelation yet b/c of the issues described. I”m hoping to battle down Lyme first, heal my gut as much as possible and then tackle metals.


  16. I am interested in knowing more about working the GAPS diet into our family, along with a double MTHFR gene mutation. I have been planning to do GAPS since January, mostly for one of my children, but am slowly working through the book. We want to do it as a family, but I recently discovered that I have a homozygous combination mutation, C677T & A1298C. A lot of the literature I am reading about the C677T mutation contradicts the food requirements for GAPS. Any insight you can offer?


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