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GAPS diet meal plan week 1 and 2.

Elli devouring her vegetable soup after 7 days on the GAPS diet
Elli devouring her vegetable soup after 7 days on the GAPS diet

Well here’s a quick summary of what we ate the past 2 weeks.  I’m not going to be super specific but if anyone is interested just let me know.  Also we moved through the intro diet quickly, 1-2 days on each stage since we don’t have major issues.  Maybe I’ll repeat the intro diet in a few months when I feel like we need another “deep cleanse”.

Week 1: (drank bone broth and fermented juice as well throughout the week)

Day 1- Breakfast, lunch and dinner were completely homemade chicken soup with a ton of various veges.  I pureed the soup for variety for dinner.

Day 2- B= duck egg yolks/ghee, Shelton’s turkey sausage (there’s nothing but turkey in it-awesome), boiled veges.  L= same as breakfast and leftover soup from day 1.  D= beef stew, cauliflower mashed “potatoes”.

Day 3- B= squash pancakes/leftovers L= leftovers, D= leftovers.  (day 3 is really hard. you are so sick of soup)

Day 4- B=squash/nut butter pancakes, avocado  L= leftovers, turkey sausage, D= Stuffed bell peppers, yogurt (goat) with honey

Day 5- B=juice carrots, beet, kale, pancakes, steamed veges, L= avocado, cucumber, leftovers, D=pumpkin nut bread and leftovers and yogurt (make a lot so you have leftovers- it’s the only way to survive week 1)

Day 6- B= turkey sausage, pancakes, L= veges, tuna fish, nut bread, yogurt, D=Greek Egg lemon soup with cauliflower/chicken, nut bread

Day 7- B=turkey sausage, eggs, pancakes, L=leftovers, avocado, cauliflower “potatoes”, D= chicken/vege soup  Yes 1 week down!!!

Day 8-9 leftovers, pancakes, nutbread, yogurt (ate a lot of soup leftovers)

Day 10-14 B= some combo of eggs, squash pancakes, steam veges, turkey sausage, fresh vege juice. L= leftovers of dinners, avocado, yogurt.  Dinners this week: Turkey Hash (Internal bliss cookbook p92), Sauteed greens with turkey sausage, Chili, Taco salad.

So there you have it.  A quick summary.  I’m not doing an exact science of this diet but I’m keeping to the general guidelines.  I have eaten some fruit, but Eliah has not.  I need a little sanity in this experience and fruit is a quick energy boost for me.  I’m also eating a little raw goat cheese and Larabars for snacks.  So far Elli eats most of her lunch now at school and has stopped begging for rice, potatoes and fruit.  This morning I ate a banana in front of her and she didn’t even care.  (she would’ve ripped my head for for that banana 10 days ago)

For those parents out there who say “my child will never eat that!”  Well, they will.  It will be hell to pay for 3-7 days, but they will.  And now there is NO struggle at all at dinner.  She’s hungry and she knows that the veges and meat will make her feel better.  Seriously, no fight at all and that is truly a miracle.  Once the detox reaction/die off completes the child will truly crave the veges and meats because their body will desire nourishment.  Just fasten your seat-belts for the ride at first!


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