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GAPS diet summary after week 1 introduction

The GAPS diet is not for the weak or the weary.  However most of us who go on the diet are feeling weak and weary.  That is the dilemma.  There is so much cooking, planning and prep work involved that it is almost impossible to not get totally exhausted doing this.  However it has been 10 days now and we have had some amazing results already.  Here’s what happened:

First of all, before doing the intro diet we did decide to just do the full GAPS diet for about 1 week to get us familiar with all of the cooking and meal options.  During that week we all had various detox symptoms, however my daughter, Eliah, was starting to act as if she was going to eat the whole house she was craving so many foods.  I was going to ease her into the intro diet more slowly but after seeing that she was already having some sort of “die-off” reaction of candida or bacteria we decided to take the plunge and do the intro diet properly.  So we fed her soup, which she mostly threw on the wall, the floor, the window, at me, at the baby, etc.  She screamed constantly for about 3 days straight and also lost control of her bowels several times after being potty trained.  It was hell. I have never seen such a reaction except for on TV when they show someone in drug rehab trying to come off a drug addiction.  On the 3rd night, even after she finally ate quite a bit from being so hungry, she woke up at 2 am in some sort night terror, which she has occasionally.  But this was different, she was so violent to us and to herself for over an hour that we put her in the car to take her to the hospital because we thought there was something seriously wrong with her.  She did calm down as we drove and so eventually we headed back home.  The next day she was almost a new person.  The look in her eyes was different, she was speaking more clearly than she has ever had in her life.  Just when I was going to pull the plug on this crazy diet I saw a glimpse of a little girl I had never seen.  She was acting as if her brain was finally properly connected….

Since that moment she has still had some significant detox moments- extreme diarrhea with cravings of rice and potatoes for example, but gradually each day she has improved.  Today was so amazing that tears filled my eyes several times.  This is my daughter? I have hardly come to know who she really is because she’s seemed so disconnected and erratic in her behaviors I couldn’t really know her thoughts and her personality.  Today we had some of the best full conversations I’ve ever had.  She was calm and collected.  She understood directions and followed them.  She ate ALL her veges and everything else we gave to her to eat.  She wanted seconds and thirds.  She didn’t throw her food at me 🙂

If anyone is interested in what I’ve been making her for her lunches feel free to ask.  I’ll be happy to post examples.  That is probably the hardest part of putting a 2 year old on the diet who goes to school.  I have to be creative to give her a lunch that she will eat.  Oddly enough she loves pureed bone marrow and animal fat.

So even though we are completely exhausted, all the pots and pans in the house are dirty, our food bill has tripled, we are in full knowledge and belief that this is all worth it.  It is giving us a glimpse of who Eliah really is and we will do anything to help her feel connected and capable.

You can read more detail about the diet under my page titled “Gaps diet” or go gapsdiet.com  Some day, when I’m not so weak and weary, I’ll post my meal plans to give ideas to others.


4 thoughts on “GAPS diet summary after week 1 introduction

  1. What an awesome story Cathleen! Once I started reading I found myself holding my breath to see what happened. I wish I had known you when my son (now 25) was Eliah’s age. We would have had a lot in common. This is an amazing testimony. Thanks for sharing it.


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