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…For tomorrow will care for itself…

It’s been an interesting few months for our family.  We’ve had several health challenges, some of which have been fairly serious but seem to be resolving.  We have also gone through many sleepless nights with a very colicky, refluxy infant and also have dealt with the stress of some post-partum issues.  Most recently my husband lost his job, which is our only source of income.  So we are trying to keep our “head above the water” as we sort through these events one by one.  I’ve had much thought about how to get through challenging events and uncertainty.  I’m really puzzled at how people handle life without a faith in something greater, something eternal and unchanging.

I’m so grateful to have the knowledge that there is so much more to our life experience than what the flesh see’s and feels.  We are here to experience challenges and there is a great purpose for these trials.  How else can we truly learn to love and to be like our Savior Jesus Christ without being encouraged to seek Him for comfort and direction? It is He that gives us a sense of peace and hope that can carry us through the “fierce storms” of life.  If we were to live without challenge or pain or sorrow, we would not need to develop patience or perspective.  Would we desire to look to greater Light for direction?  We would not need a God.  I think of my little James and Elli and how they need me when they are scared or hurt or hungry.  They turn to me for direction when they don’t know what to do.  If all of their needs were met all of the time, they wouldn’t need me, and soon they would forget all about me.  How sad would that be for me and how sad would that be for our God above if we didn’t need Him.  So He does allow these challenges even though it does hurt Him to see us in pain.  Yes, he can lift our burdens and sometimes He does if it serves a purpose that is wise in His eyes.

When dealing with medical/health situations I sure wish I could know for certain what the outcome will be. I’m left wondering does worrying about the future possibilities really help me in the present moment?  A dear friend recently reminded me of this scripture: “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:13.  I guess the Lord is asking us to leave tomorrow alone, but do our due diligence today to fight the evil of today.  It is hard, especially during turmoil, to let go of the desire to know the future outcome, or to not look back at the past with regret.  So how does the Lord want us to handle today so that we have the strength to fight our tomorrows?

I’m learning that to have the strength for tomorrow, I need to sleep well today, eat well today, and find ways to calm my nerves today.  If we spend all of our day stressing, worrying and trying to fix our problem we will not have that strength for too many more tomorrows.  I know that no matter how bad I’m feeling or what I’m going through I have to take care of my body and my mind.  I have to do things that bring peace and invite the Spirit into my heart.  Those things usually involve charity for someone else.  That’s the irony of it all.  In order to be able to be strong enough to get through our own problems of today, we have to spend some of our strength of today on someone else by lifting their burdens.  As we lift the burdens off the shoulders of others our Heavenly Father reaches down to us personally and lifts the burdens off our own shoulders.  It’s a beautiful circle of load redistribution that is counter intuitive to the non-believer.  “You must save your energy for yourself!  You’re sick!” That’s the lie of Satan, that Great Deceiver.  I lived that lie for many years.  I’m only beginning to tap into great Truth that Charity Faileth Not!  It has been my growing testimony these recent months that true peace comes when you help another.  And it is that same peace that helps oneself to recover from whatever trial is in one’s path.


3 thoughts on “…For tomorrow will care for itself…

  1. I’m so grateful we are friends. Thank you for allowing me to peek in to your wise inner thoughts and life’s lessons. 🙂 I always enjoy our conversations and I feel edified after having spent time with you (or your blog!)


  2. What beautiful thoughts. I really needed to read this. Even with all the good things progressing at the hospital the last couple of days, I’ve been really emotional this week with lots of worries about the future. I’ve been trying hard to stay in the present. Thanks for putting the extra spin of service on it. I didn’t know about MIke’s job. My heart goes out to you guys. That’s got to be really stressful. Many hugs to you!!!


    1. Thanks Leslie- I hope you realized you were the person this blog was inspired by- did you notice the scripture you shared at church! My heart is going out to you right now. Hang in there. Find people you can serve even in the midst of your fiery trial- it will lessen your burden! Even if it’s just encouraging a tired nurse 🙂 We love you!


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