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It’s Time To Talk…

So I’ve had the ambition of starting a blog for sometime.  I’m an avid journal writer and sometimes wish I could broadcast to the world a glimpse of my soul in hopes of helping others feel that their inner world of trials and triumphs is often a silent, yet shared experience in all of humanity.  As a full-time mom, I know the feeling of isolation inside one’s mind.  I stare at the same wallpaper from day to day without much adult interaction, yet my experiences at home are bursting with insights, frustrations, and humor that I have long desired to share.  Well, here it is, a blog about “living with spirit”.  Why do I use the word “spirit”? Well my two young children have been born with an abundance of vitality, ambition, charisma, intensity and emotion.  They are just full of spirit.  It’s the only word I can think of to sum them up.  The other reason this word is a focal point of my life is my truth-seeking drive to grow in faith, understanding and love.  I desire to hear my inner Spirit guide and try to know the will of my Father in Heaven for my life.  I hope to inspire and dialog with others who want to seek light and truth as well as just have honest and open discussions about motherhood.

The Baxter Family July 2012

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